Engineering Mobile Technology

Industry 4.0: How the IoT has revolutionised manufacturing

Alumni: Charlie Harman,

“Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together”, says British industrial engineer Sir James Dyson. “It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.” When it comes to these three key pillars of engineering design, few innovations have proved as revolutionary as The…

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Digital Placemaking Research

Defining Digital Placemaking for Porth Teigr

Alumni: Louise Hobson,

We’re excited to be embarking on a new R&D Digital Placemaking project in Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay – one of Europe’s most significant waterfront development projects led by igloo and the Welsh Government. Physical spaces can no longer be separated from their digital dimensions – cities have become hybrid spaces…

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App Insights Heritage Research

WHITE PAPER: The Lost Palace: Optimising digital innovation for cultural heritage institutions

Jo Morrison,

‘The Lost Palace’ is a collaboration between Historic Royal Palaces, theatre makers Uninvited Guests, interaction designers Chomko & Rosier and us, creative technologists and app developers, Calvium. Using a combination of bespoke handheld devices, binaural 3D sound and haptic technology, visitors are led on an immersive adventure that allows them…

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Matthew Tyler-Jones


Interview: National Trust user experience expert Matthew Tyler-Jones

Alumni: Charlie Harman,

Matthew Tyler-Jones is a National Trust consultant, specialising in visitor experiences. He’s also a PhD researcher at Southampton University, working with digital augmentations to visitor experiences and specialising in narrative techniques drawn from computer gaming. He blogs, at Meme Technology, and he’ll be speaking at the Academy of Marketing’s E-marketing…

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App Insights

How to write an app brief

Alumni: Charlie Harman,

Any co-creational project starts with a brief. It’s the first detailed snapshot we (the developer) get of your needs, hopes and fears for your organisation’s app or experience, and it works as a springboard for further ideas and development. The more comprehensive the brief, the better the response will be…

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Digital Placemaking

A guide to 21st century placemaking

Alumni: Charlie Harman,

Contrary to its name, placemaking is not concerned with the making of a place. Rather, it’s about the expression and enhancement of places that are already rich in cultural, historical or personal significance – be it a world heritage site, community space, city underpass or national park. Whether the ‘place’…

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