Product Innovation

We are experts in rapidly developing prototypes and proof of concept mobile & web applications. We work closely with clients to develop full production solutions. Led by certified Scrum Masters, our agile approach enables us to arrive at the most viable concepts sooner and adapt our methodology for projects across sectors. Mobile app development empowers your workforce with on-the-go solutions. Our use of React Native reduces development time and costs by building one app that runs on Android and iOS devices. Amazon and Microsoft-certified engineers can architect and deploy your application via Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure to scale seamlessly from a few dozen to millions of users. Our Internet of Things (IoT) solutions connect to smart lighting systems, white goods, 3d cameras, haptic speakers and much more to integrate with your hardware products.

Reducing damage caused by FOD for Rolls-Royce
ControlZAPP: a bluetooth controlled, energy saving lighting app

Platform Development

Calvium has a rich history of designing and developing successful platforms for a range of sectors such as Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals and the Arts. Our extensive use of Firebase enables you to harness Google’s web services, authentication, notification, and analytics systems. Our Amazon and Microsoft certified engineers are equally adept with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. Calvium has many years of experience creating beautiful, responsive, and accessible mobile-friendly web applications to delight your users. We have a host of React experts ready to help.

Helping pharmaceutical enterprises collaborate across company boundaries
Place Experience Platform: designed and developed for those entrusted with supporting the visitor economy

Digital Placemaking

For over 10 years, we’ve supplied multiple location-specific services for a wealth of leading clients. We are recognised as specialists in designing and delivering location-based solutions that are underpinned by human-centred design and engaging user experiences. GPS and Bluetooth enable users to interact with our applications as they move through space. This in turn forms the basis of solutions for location tracking, wayfinding, audio-walks, and place-based storytelling solutions. Custom map tiles, generated and meticulously overlaid on Google Maps, help us bring spaces to life in your branding – without compromising on accuracy. Our expertise in Digital Placemaking will ensure you derive the greatest value from your space.

Helping passengers with invisible impairments travel independently through train stations
Carnaby Echoes: Unique cultural heritage being harnessed to support place-based growth over time.


Our clients want to create meaningful digital products, services and experiences that enhance people’s lives. We help them to achieve their vision. The Technical Discovery consulting service provides clients with an independent assessment of technologies being considered for a project, to help them make the right decisions. The Digital Placemaking consulting service combines strategic systems thinking, collaborative research and design, and hands-on practical expertise, to deliver bespoke digital placemaking strategies. Our team is ready to help you innovate.

NHS: Informing healthcare infrastructure planning processes to improve local population health.
How digital placemaking can contribute to the social, cultural and economic prosperity of Porth Teigr, Cardiff

Systems Integration

We build a detailed understanding of our clients’ reality as an organisation. Working alongside existing frameworks, we find the best way to push information through current systems to enhance their capabilities, thus improving efficiency and productivity in a secure way. We have gained valuable experience working with Microsoft’s Power BI, helping clients maximise the potential of the data they are generating. We delight in delivering API integration, letting applications talk to one another. We deliver at pace when integrating with hardware products, demonstrating our ability to work with firmware and middleware solutions. Our experience means Calvium is best placed to help your organisation evolve from legacy systems, augment core services and capitalise on opportunities from the internet of things.

Providing valuable in-field installation support for engineers
Converting Yachting Pages 23,000+ database into an easy-to-use app that works offline

React Development

We win awards for our expertise as a full-stack company who delivers everything needed to run an app or website. The Calvium team is involved in all aspects of the development process - both the backend services (hosted on cloud services, e.g. AWS, Azure or Google Cloud) and the front-end interfaces that consumers see and use. Calvium uses the React library for all user interface development; React.js for web apps, and to maintain high performance across both iOS and Android platforms, we use React Native (with the Expo framework).

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Calvium delivers the Sidekick mobile app for the Open Bionics Hero Arm
Innovative clean energy technology to meet net zero goals


“Security isn’t an issue.” To date, this sentence has never been uttered by any of our clients. However, it is surprising how often businesses fail to address security at the early stages of their thinking. If security is not baked in at the start of a project, then risk is. The Calvium team knows that our clients all rely on the integrity of the digital systems we develop for them. Designing, achieving and maintaining security is a critical and evolving challenge, and one that underpins each and every client project. Making sure that digital products and services continually work as anticipated, day in and day out, requires us to consider multiple factors, including: software, hardware, infrastructure, people, organisational processes, security standards, budgets and much more. In combination, they serve to inform the software and systems security that we design and implement, ensuring risk is minimised. From aligning our work to the established security requirements of a multinational defence technology company to designing bespoke standalone systems for independent cultural organisations, Calvium bakes in security from the start of every project.

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