The Calvium team regularly shares insights about various aspects of our work, e.g. speaking at conferences, participating in industry workshops and writing articles. In this section we have gathered a range of materials that we hope will inspire and inform you.


Digital Placemaking: Connecting people, place and technology

Place professionals know that digital technologies are fundamental to shaping the public’s experience of towns and cities, but often lack the understanding or confidence to harness digital placemaking within their practice. This book offers a clear, practice-based and holistic explanation of digital placemaking and shows why it should be an essential part of all place strategies.

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Inclusive Digital Interactives: Best Practices and Research, 2020

This prestigious book focuses on the inclusive design of digital interactives for museum visitors and staff. Published by the Smithsonian Institute, Institute for Human Centered Design and MuseWeb.

Calvium’s Dr. Jo Morrison authored the chapter,Mobile Digital Wayfinding Tools: Enabling and Enhancing the Experience of Visitors with Different Access Needs”.

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Digital Placemaking Guide

Digital placemaking boosts the social, cultural, environmental and economic value of places by using location-specific digital technology to foster deeper relationships between people and place. Find out more in our comprehensive guide.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Mobile Technologies

Mobile technology can be used to control enterprise systems; streamline engineering and manufacturing processes; offer immersive, interactive visitor experiences for heritage organisations. And that’s just the start. Maximise the value of your project with our comprehensive guide to mobile technology.

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Ideascape Report

In order to identify how digital technologies can positively impact upon the success and sustainability of Porth Teigr, a 38 acre redevelopment site in Cardiff Bay, we were commissioned to undertake an in-depth six-month research project. This report details the research activities undertaken and shares the key lessons of the project.

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Digital Placemaking for Urban Regeneration Whitepaper

This white paper explores the value of digital placemaking for urban developments and how it can; Support a smoother development process, Optimise the desirability and utilisation of a site, and be applied in a flexible manner to address the specific needs of a development.

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Lost Palace Whitepaper

In this white paper we share our approach and recommendations for other heritage organisations seeking to create similar bespoke technical solutions to ‘The Lost Palace’ that can; enable richer and more engaging visitor experiences, lead to a smoother content production process and support multidisciplinary creative experimentation.  

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Digital Placemaking eBook

Apps are a powerful engagement tool for sites of heritage. In this ebook we delve into the 11 key principles of placemaking, the capabilities of mobile technology and help you decide whether a location-based mobile app experience is right for you.

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