Three contemporary high-rise flats, covered in greenery and trees on every floor, set against a bright blue skyline.

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Apps and sustainability: Utility apps for the greater good

Jo Morrison,

Sustainability is recognised as a vital issue for people, businesses and governments, globally. To secure the planet for all of our futures, digital technology can provide support and solutions to some of the challenges we face; ranging from city-scale infrastructure to apps that help individuals find greener ways of living and sharing within…

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Engine component on a white desk, next to a laptop showing 3D models of components

Engineering Mobile Technology

‘Digital Twinning’: Why the future is unreal for the engineering industry

Jo Reid,

Digital twins have taken hold across a range of sectors. Whether as a vision for place and property management or as an operational feature of aerospace manufacturing, digital twins are part of the mix. So much so that Microsoft has recently introduced ‘Digital Twins’ to its Azure cloud computing service – helping you to create digital models of physical environments. As a company deeply involved in all things place, aerospace and Azure we thought it timely to provide a quick dip into some of the opportunities that digital twins afford business.

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How should you prepare your business for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution?

Jo Morrison,

The Barbican’s ‘More than Human’ exhibition explores creative and scientific developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and aims to demonstrate its potential to revolutionise our lives in many ways. Having visited it last week and come away overwhelmed by the kaleidoscope of concepts, sounds, information and objects combining to explore our relationships with technology, I thought it would be useful to focus this article on the basics of the AI revolution.

So, what is AI?

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Man wearing a trilby hat and a yellow backpack uses a smartphone on a train platform, with train tracks in the background

Digital Placemaking Mobile Technology News

Calvium partners with Transport for London (TfL), Open Inclusion and Transport Systems Catapult following Innovate UK funding win

Alumni: Charlie Harman,

Calvium is pleased to have won Innovate UK funding to develop a mobile wayfinding application to enable people with less visible impairments to navigate railway stations independently and with confidence. In partnership with Transport for London (TfL), Open Inclusion and Transport Systems Catapult we shall deliver a digital wayfinding solution…

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Digital heritage experiments

App Insights Digital Placemaking Heritage Mobile Technology

5 digital experiments that explore the future of the cultural heritage sector

Jo Morrison,

Fundamentally, the cultural heritage sector’s role is to tell stories. These stories could be historical, they could be artistic, they could be sociological, psychological, modern or ancient. Whatever the experience, the story is central. Up to now, these stories have been somewhat passive – an exhibition, or a tour with…

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