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Alumni: Charlie Harman

Alumni: Charlie Harman

Marketing Manager

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Every job has its scary parts and as it’s Halloween this week we have been thinking about some of the scariest requests we have encountered. After much office deliberation we came up with our top scary things for app developers to hear!

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According to the most recent report from Open Signal (August, 2014) There are 18,796 different Android phone models in the world, all with their own bugs and foibles. Not only is this an astonishingly large number of devices, but it’s increasing at a substantial rate. Compare that number to 11,868, which was the number of Android devices in 2013. That’s 6,928 new devices in a year! Now imagine maintaining a working mobile app on nearly 19,000 different phones. Bottom line – it’s not going to happen!

This image from Open Signal illustrates the Android device ecosystem in 2013
This image from Open Signal illustrates the Android device ecosystem in 2013
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It’s easy to look at the incredible success of these social networking tools and say, well I can do that. The truth is, creating a social app as popular as the big four mentioned above is incredibly rare. In fact, the real truth is, making any app that is popular to the extent of Facebook is rare. There are over 1 million apps in the app store and chances are your idea has already been done. If it hasn’t been done, have a think about why that might be. The answer is usually a) it’s a bad idea b) it’s technically impossible or just sometimes c) you’re onto a winner!

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Apple app store reviews take around a week and it’s never 100% guaranteed that the app will be accepted. To ensure your app doesn’t get rejected, Apple have released a set of guidelines you can follow. However, it’s never certain that your app will make the cut, therefore can never be live the day after it’s finished.

Any app developers or people with app ideas out there, we hope this little blog didn’t scare you too much! Have a very happy Halloween.

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