Report Download: Digital placemaking for Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay


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Calvium Team

Calvium Team

Digital Placemaking

We are thrilled to be releasing our report following a 6 month research project into Digital Placemaking in the Porth Teigr redevelopment in Cardiff Bay.

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Porth Teigr was once the heart of Cardiff Docklands – the world’s busiest port in the nineteenth century. Today, the area is being redeveloped to include 1,000 new homes, 1.2 million square feet of commercial space and exciting new community facilities.

We have been working with Igloo – the sustainable developers behind the project – to explore how digital technology can enhance the way visitors and residents experience the Docklands. Part of our ongoing collaboration was the Ideascape: Porth Teigr event in September 2017. This experimental sandbox event showcased concept and prototype technologies created by multidisciplinary community stakeholder groups, helping stimulate people’s imaginations about the type of place they wanted Porth Teigr to be.

Held in a public space in Porth Teigr, the open event was designed to attract local residents, workers and visitors to ten exhibits, each offering an idea for improving the experience of being in Porth Teigr. In turn, we gathered feedback from participants via chalkboards, questionnaires and interviews.

This report details the findings from Ideascape: Digital Placemaking for Porth Teigr, and offers those working within the regeneration space invaluable insight into community and stakeholder receptions on hybrid space.

Digital placemaking is key to successful urban regeneration. This report shares findings from research into digital placemaking for the ambitious 38 acre redevelopment of Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay. It reveals how digital placemaking can enhance the social, cultural, environmental and economic prosperity of a location.

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