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PAPER: What does Pokemon Go mean for placemakers?

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By Catherine Allan & Cristina Mosconi

Pokémon Go brought 25.5 million users worldwide together in a physical + digital quest for Pokémon characters. On streets and in gardens, in libraries, shopping centres, and town squares; it marked a pivotal moment – not just for gaming, but for the way in which people can be compelled to visit their physical surroundings through an app on their phone. In this paper, we will look to the future, at what, as place makers, we can learn from Pokémon Go for our own practice.

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I found the paper a really fascinating read and nicely brings together some original thought for practitioners. It’s very interesting to think about the ‘phygital’ and what that means for placemakers

Miranda Kimball - Senior Design & Placemaking Manager,Battersea Power Station Development Company

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