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Business thinking should be shifting even more towards mobile strategies in the near future, with forecasts that 80% of all media will be consumed via mobile by 2020, according to Eric Hazan (of McKinsey and Company Consulting Firm), speaking at the News World Summit recently.

Talking at the summit, which is aimed at the journalism and publishing industries, Hazan suggested that a “mobile strategy is mandatory”, as the mobile market becomes further ingrained in people’s daily lives across the world.

With this report suggesting that more people are reading content via tablets and smart-phones, it suggests that in less than a decade, people will rely heavily on their mobile devices for their daily news and media intake, which means they’ll be more familiar, and more likely to interact with, mobile apps and websites. What this means for businesses, is that there will be an increasing number of techniques and opportunities available to gain sales through the mobile platform.

Media outlets are already experimenting with different models to gain income through digital content via sponsorship and paid-for content, and similar models being pushed in the music, TV and film production industries, consumers will gradually become more comfortable making purchases of digital experiences, rather than buying the physical, printed content that we’ve come to trust in the previous centuries.

No one can accurately guess what kind of opportunities the market will offer at such an early stage, but if the trend towards consumers putting a value on digital content and experiences continues to rise in this way, the potential for digital revenue will follow. But in the mean-time, we’re excited about the possibilities that these rapidly maturing models could afford all kinds of industries, from museums and colleges, to artists, publishers and businesses, and can’t wait to see what kind of innovations will emerge along the way.

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