Digital Placemaking for Health in Hackney and City of London


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Jo Morrison

Jo Morrison

Director of Digital Innovation & Research

Digital Placemaking

Illustrative map depicting activites that could be undertaken using digital technologies in City of London and Hackney boroughs

The Digital Placemaking Scoping Project is an exploratory study being undertaken by Calvium on behalf of the NHS North East London CCG. The research explores how place-based digital technologies can enhance the physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing of local communities.

On 26 May 2022 we ran an online Tweet Up to explore five digital placemaking scenarios for Hackney and City of London. Each scenario was created to stimulate thinking and discussion around the many, many ways in which digital technologies might enhance people’s experiences of the boroughs. Each scenario acts as a springboard for ideas and is featured below.  A second event is planned at the end of June.

Graphic illustration of woman looking at an outdoor digital notice. Text reads NHS Engagement

Scenario 1, NHS Engagement: Many patients feel anxious, tense or bored when sitting in an NHS waiting room. How would you like to wear a virtual reality headset that takes you to a completely different place? Maybe a Wiley gig or a sunny beach on a tropical island?


graphic illustration of people exercising outside with title Physical Activity written on the graphic

Scenario 2, Physical Activity: Losing phone battery power is a real problem when out and about. If the high street had an outdoors installation that charged your battery when you moved your body next to it, would you do so?


Graphic illustration featuring a woman riding a bike and text saying Transport and Mobility

Scenario 3, Transport and Mobility: Our city streets can be cluttered and full of hazards, making them inaccessible or tricky to use for many people. Would you like to help the Local Authority to make the streets safer for all by reporting hazards using your digital device?


People gathering together and text saying Social Interaction

Scenario 4, Social Interaction: In NE London we often don’t know the stories of the people around us or the many histories of our neighbourhoods. If you could create an app that let people know your connection to places in Hackney or City of London, would you attend a local class that helped you tell your story?


a graphic illustration of a park with a title Comfort and Safety

Scenario 5, Comfort and Safety: Think of someone that you care about. How can the City of London or Hackney make their experience of the boroughs better?


What is Digital Placemaking? 

Digital placemaking refers to the augmentation of physical places with location-specific digital services, products or experiences to create more meaningful places for all.

Digital placemaking aims to boost the social, cultural and environmental value of places by using digital technology to foster deeper connections between people and the places they inhabit.

If you would like to speak to someone about the project or if you live in North East London and would be interested in participating, please email:

  • Louise Phillips, Associate Director of Infrastructure – louise.phillips11@ 
  • Jo Morrison, Calvium –

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