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Jo Reid

Jo Reid

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How do business leaders navigate this crisis, now that many of our familiar, ‘go-to’ methods and assumptions have been rendered redundant? The answer is clear – innovate… and keep on innovating.

Innovation, and Calvium’s approach to supporting organisations to innovate rapidly, is the theme of a feature in Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine. Drawing on Calvium’s experience of working with Rolls-Royce, the article presents some practical approaches to fostering digital innovation.

In this article, I have pulled out a couple of the key topics discussed in the feature; innovation workshops & fostering collaborative relationships, highlighting how they can pave the way for success: 

Innovation workshops 

“Innovation workshops are designed to be a structured and creative approach to ideation.” 

Source: Kelly Sikkema

Calvium’s innovation workshops are intended to help businesses come up with new digital solutions to advance their organisation and provide an opportunity to creatively think of solutions for companies looking to take the next step in their digital journey. 

When Calvium first began working with Rolls-Royce in 2015, Calvium delivered an innovation workshop around ‘Visualisation Apps for Services.’  This initial workshop was the start of a sustainable, collaborative relationship, and since then we have worked together to deliver pioneering smartphone FOD app, which allows users to quickly & efficiently track and record foreign object debris (FOD), a common cause of engine damage. 


Innovation workshops are a great way to foster bespoke solutions and create value for our clients.

Calvium’s innovation workshops are designed to help businesses to expand their thinking and to create practical solutions that can be applied to enhance, or radically transform, the company.

Fostering collaborative relationships

For any company looking to innovate, collaboration is key, especially for projects that require multi-agency or cross departmental cooperation. To realise digital transformation strategies there has to be a supportive business culture. These points will help any organisation seeking to foster a sound collaborative relationship:

  • Take time to build up positive relationships and nurture them
  • Have open and honest discussions to foster a sense of respect and trust
  • Be permanently curious and receptive to each other’s ideas – relish the opportunity to learn
  • Engender a sharing culture and be open to shifting individual and collective viewpoints
  • Develop shared project goals and understand the individual aspirations of each team member
  • Bring a ‘critical friend’ into the mix, to challenge the thinking and ideas By taking the time to understand our clients needs, we can ensure that we are able to deliver services that delight our clients. 

In the case of our partnership with Rolls-Royce, positive and productive collaboration has been a key factor in our ability to deliver innovative, digital solutions. However, the practices used in our work with Rolls-Royce can be applied to any other partnership looking to innovate.

Source: Kaleidico


Business leaders are seeking to safeguard their organisations at this time of extraordinary upheaval – a global health crisis is turning into an economic crisis. Digital innovation is key to the future of a majority of organisations, now more than ever. The Calvium team is here to help you imagine your future, and achieve it.

Read Calvium’s feature in Aerospace Manufacturing and learn more about how our mobile technology solutions are helping to deliver digital transformation and cultural change:

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