Calvium partners with Transport for London (TfL), Open Inclusion and Transport Systems Catapult following Innovate UK funding win


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Alumni: Charlie Harman

Alumni: Charlie Harman

Marketing Manager

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Calvium is pleased to have won Innovate UK funding to develop a mobile wayfinding application to enable people with less visible impairments to navigate railway stations independently and with confidence. In partnership with Transport for London (TfL), Open Inclusion and Transport Systems Catapult we shall deliver a digital wayfinding solution that has inclusion at its heart.

It is widely accepted that less visible disabilities, such as autism, dementia or anxiety can be just as much of a barrier to travel as visible disabilities. It is also acknowledged that to meet the needs of people with mental impairments any digital solution should be designed and developed alongside them, in a genuinely inclusive way. Therefore, to ensure that all people have the same access to the railways and the opportunities that brings, we shall work with users at all stages of the project.

The project, currently known as NavSta (Navigation Station), is a fantastic example of digital placemaking; demonstrating how the thoughtful application of digital technologies can improve people’s experience of a place. Indeed, the creation of this innovative way finding tool will not only benefit the customer but will provide a valuable demonstrator for other train stations seeking to improve their service, attract new passengers and achieve regulatory standards.

Key to our ethos is collaboration and co-creation. It’s with this in mind that we are thrilled to be working with such prestigious partners to design, develop and implement this app. By working closely and in partnership we are able to leverage the expertise of each partner to ensure the finished tool is intuitive and genuinely works for the end user.

“We are thrilled to have won this Innovate UK competition which will enable us to improve the rail travel experience for all customers. Working with our great partners we can’t wait to collaborate with people across a range of invisible impairments to ensure that our digital way finding tools will improve life for everyone and showcase the benefits of digital placemaking.”

Jo Reid, Managing Director, Calvium

NavSta, encapsulates digital placemaking at its best. It will show how the augmentation of physical places with location-specific digital tools can create more open and attractive destinations. The Calvium team is passionate about enhancing people’s experience of the world through the use of expertly crafted digital solutions and that’s why we are so pleased to have won this prestigious funding from Innovate UK.

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