WHITE PAPER: The Lost Palace: Optimising digital innovation for cultural heritage institutions


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Jo Morrison

Jo Morrison

Director of Digital Innovation & Research

Arts & Culture

Digital Insights

‘The Lost Palace’ is a collaboration between Historic Royal Palaces, theatre makers Uninvited Guests, interaction designers Chomko & Rosier and us, creative technologists and app developers, Calvium.

Using a combination of bespoke handheld devices, binaural 3D sound and haptic technology, visitors are led on an immersive adventure that allows them to hear, touch and feel the past. In mapping The Lost Palace over modern day Whitehall, visitors are navigating a located experience from another time, experiencing history in the exact locations where it happened.

An undisputed hit with audiences, and subsequent winner in the Museums + Heritage Awards innovation category, The Lost Palace project was a resounding success and a great example of innovation through collaboration.

In our latest white paper we share our approach and recommendations for other heritage organisations seeking to create similar bespoke technical solutions that can;

  • enable richer and more engaging visitor experiences
  • lead to a smoother content production process
  • support multidisciplinary creative experimentation
  • aid better live deployment
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