“There’s an app for that”; signs your client needs an app


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Tom Melamed

Tom Melamed

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We’ve all downloaded an underwhelming app; one that promised the world but failed to deliver. It’s a bad experience, made even worse when you’ve paid for the privilege. There are many reasons why this might happen, but the truth is, sometimes an app is simply not appropriate. Advising a client to develop a mobile application, in this instance, can be a misguided and costly mistake.  

As purveyors of all things app, we’ve developed a sixth sense as to when an app will work and when it won’t. And it’s only right that we share our knowledge. So agencies, listen up. Should you hear any of the following sentences when talking to your client, chances are there is a golden opportunity just waiting to ‘appen. Take note:

“Most of our customers visit our site on their phones.”

This suggests an app interface would work well for your client’s existing market. But beware; if the client’s web analytics show few customers revisit their site, an app may not be appropriate, because apps work best for repeated, regular interactions.

“My customers need something my website can’t do.”

Instead of re-developing the client’s website, this is the perfect opportunity to develop an app. Apps work well when there is a clearly defined objective and in this case, your client has indicated an existing demand for their service.  

“My customers are loyal to my brand…”

If your client already has a loyal customer base, they will be more likely to engage with – and even pay for – a new app. Downloading, installing, organising and learning how to use an app puts considerable demand on users; but if they’re already primed to love your client’s brand, half the battle has been won.

“…and we have an ongoing relationship with them.”

An app is a great way to build and develop that relationship, by encouraging the customer to interact with a brand and by rewarding their loyalty with up-to-the-minute information on special offers, events and more. Used properly, push notifications that notify users about an event or other new developments help foster this two-way relationship.

“Our service is personalised to customers.”

An app allows businesses to store users’ details, enabling them to deliver a highly tailored service. Mobile devices know their users’ locations, and an app can quickly learn patterns of how, when and where a user interacts with it –  in turn building a detailed picture of the user as a customer.

“Our competitors all have apps.”

This one sets alarm bells ringing. What are competitors seeing that your client is missing? The evidence suggests there’s a viable demand for an app and that not investing in development could mean your client losing ground. A distinctive and effective app can enhance your client’s brand identity while being without one could mean being overlooked completely.

“Our purchasing process is too complex.”

Apps streamline processes, reducing them to a touch or two on screen. Buying something on a website often takes too many steps: logging into a brand’s system, fumbling for a credit card security number to make a payment, entering a password and receiving email confirmation. An app that bypasses this process is more attractive than a website and therefore encourages revisits by customers.

“A customer’s location affects our offering.”

Most smartphones and tablets come with GPS tracking. The best location-aware apps do more than just tell us about where we are; they do useful things based on our surroundings. From location-based discovery tools and smart search to games and exercise tracking, they enhance the user’s real time experience.

“Our customer base has developed into a community.”

If your client’s customers interact with each other, then an app offers the perfect platform to host this engagement. One of the main assets of our mobile devices is the ability to take and share images. How could your client take advantage of our networked, social world online?

Heard one or more of the above from your client? Give our expert app development team a call. The development and distribution of an app involve a lot of time and effort, so the decision to commit should not be taken lightly, but hearing any of the above is a good indicator that your client’s business is app-ready and in good shape to reap the rewards.

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