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How to make a p12 file for iOS

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You’ll need a .p12 file to publish your app on the Apple App Store, but the process can be a little confusing. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to make a p12 file.


You’ll need a few things before getting started:

The Process

Creating a p12 file can be a little confusing the first time, as you need to use often un-noticed pieces of software on your computer, as well as the iOS Developer web interface (which has got better in recent years).

We’ve broken the process into three steps below, which should help through the process:

STEP 1: Create a “.certSigningRequest” (CSR) file

STEP 2: Create the “.cer” file in your iOS Developer Account

STEP 3: Install the .cer and generate the .p12

That’s it! We hope that helps make the publishing process on the Apple App Store a little easier.

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