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Alumni: Charlie Harman

Alumni: Charlie Harman

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Calvium are delighted to announce the launch of Boardwalk Stories from Sandy, an innovative seaside boardwalk AppTrail that provides listeners with a one-of-a-kind audio experience while they stroll along the boardwalk in New Jersey, USA. It is our first US AppTrail and marks a successful trans-atlantic collaboration, made possible by our proven co-creation processes and software tools.


Screenshots from the Boardwalk Stories app

Boardwalk Stories from Sandy is the latest walking tour app in our AppTrails portfolio. It uses GPS-based technology to bring you stories of people who were affected by Superstorm Sandy. It takes you along the boardwalk, beginning at Seaside Park, through Seaside Heights, and up to Ortley Beach.

“Listeners will hear the stories of people who were on the scene when Sandy battered the shore, along with stories from people who are leading the rebuilding and you will hear from those who warn about rebuilding on a part of land so at risk from nature.” said radio producer Benjamen Walker, who co-produced the tour with fellow radio producer Francesa Panetta. They were assisted by radio producer Ravenna Koenig.

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The app contains stories by Tim Husar, a Seaside Park resident who had a front row seat to the storm’s wrath; Seaside Heights Police Chief Thomas Boyd, who recounted his harrowing experience with the storm surge while in a police cruiser; Bob Stewart, owner of the ruined Carousel Arcade, who witnessed the ocean surging into his boardwalk building; Tim Dillingham, Executive Director of the Littoral Society, who warns about future storms; and many more, including residents, business owners, environmentalists, and law enforcement.

The story of the production of this app is particularly harrowing, the release was delayed a year because of the September 2013 boardwalk fire.

“We finished the app just two days before the September 12, 2013 fire,” said Walker. Walker and team had to regroup since there were initially multiple stops at locations that were destroyed in the fire.

“The team is excited to finally get the app into the hands and ears of everyone who visits Seaside Park and Seaside Heights. If you can’t make it to the boardwalk, you can still listen at home,” said Walker.

The app is available to download on iOS and Android now.

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