Bristol Media’s Open Doors – The Calvium Quilt!


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Alumni: Charlie Harman

Alumni: Charlie Harman

Marketing Manager


Calvium are very happy to be hosting a Bristol Media’s open doors event as part of Digital Bristol Week 2015…

Lead by Tom Melamed, Product Director of Calvium, participants in the Calvium open day will be adding their own section to our custom made ‘quilting’ app via our DIY app building platform, AppFurnace. Reflecting the tradition of sewing an individual square to make up a larger quilt – people taking part can create their own square in a mobile app with a picture of their choice and a story behind it. The idea is to give our open day participants a bit of experience on AppFurnace and also for Bristol Media to have a memory of the open doors event, as (hopefully!) many of the open day participants tweet pictures of their day!

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About Bristol Media’s Open Doors…

As part of the BBC’s Digital Bristol Week, Bristol Media are organising Open Doors, an opportunity for creative businesses from across the City to showcase their work to a new audience.  One of the main aims for Digital Bristol Week is to support networking across the city and Open Doors will demonstrate to visitors the huge diversity and talent in our sector.

Can’t make it to Calvium’s workshop?

Never fear! You can still get involved with the activities and send us your quilt section to be included on the app. Just tweet a picture and a small description to go with it along with the hashtag #CalviumQuilt and we’ll include it on the finished app.

Not sure what to tweet? It can be anything! From a silly selfie to an instagram snap of the biscuit you ate. If you’re at another Open Doors event throughout the day, it could be a picture of something you have seen and how you’re enjoying the event. Just send the tweet with the hashtag #CalviumQuilt. For example…

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 16.39.57

How to see our quilt app…

To see the app as it progresses throughout the day you will need to download the AppFurnace Player. 

1) To download either scan the QR code below or visit the App Store or Google Play to download.
onlink_to_yqfzba_largeScreen Shot 2014-10-01 at 15.25.23
2) To add the Quilting App to the AppFurnace Player, simply load AppFurnace Player, and click the + icon. Then click ‘Scan & Add’ and scan the QR code below to get the Calvium Quilting App on your phone.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 15.25.12       digitalweek_qr_360

3) So see updates throughout the day keep checking back on the app and press the ‘update button’. If you can’t see your patch straight away, check back later and update.


Find out more about AppFurnace and how you can start building your own apps by visiting the AppFurnace website.


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