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Alumni: Charlie Harman

Alumni: Charlie Harman

Marketing Manager


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new website.  We wanted our new site to tell the stories of our clients in a clean, clear and classy way. With the help of Ben Hostler and Liam Richardson, we think we have achieved just that.

A lot has happened at Calvium over the past couple of years. Back in early 2014, we consisted of five members; our founding directors. By September 2014, the Calvium team had doubled which meant we outgrew our home at The Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio.

Today, we’re a 15 person strong team working from our increasingly full office at Mariner House – a dedicated central office on Bristol’s beautiful harbour side.

Over those years, our client list has grown as have the size of the projects we’ve been working on. We have had the pleasure of working with major brands and businesses such as London’s Tower Bridge and The National Theatre to name a few.

Calvium today is a very different beast to the Calvium of 2014. At our core our values remain the same; integrity in the way we operate, excellence in our products, service and practice and great value for our clients. However, as we’ve matured as a business we’ve chosen to take on bigger and more complex projects.

Although all of these changes had gone on under the hood, at the start of this year we realised that our website didn’t reflect the metamorphosis we had undergone.

We wanted to strip the website right back, however there were elements of our old site we wanted to remain; our personable, friendly and ‘non-techy’ feel, the emphasis on users and their stories and our jargon free copy.

We also wanted to keep it simple and reflect the quality of the apps we create in the experience of the website; flashy for flashy’s sake isn’t our thing, good user experience is.

No website is ever truly finished and we’ll continue to build  on it to ensure it always reflects what we’re doing and the way we are heading as a business, but for now we’re extremely proud to have such a pretty site to showcase our work. Huge thanks to Ben & Liam and the staff at Calvium who have all had a hand in making it what it is.


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