Onassis Cultural Center in Athens, Greece


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The Project

“Behind the reality of the city before you, another dimension lies concealed in rich sounds and images that will transform a simple city walk into an interactive artistic experience.”

In 2014, Calvium developed an AppTrail for Onassis Cultural Center in Athens, Greece. Soundscapes Landscapes offers a parallel route through the city via your smartphone or tablet device. Beginning from the Onassis Cultural Center, the route extends over to the other side of the Syngrou Avenue with every pavement, street corner and building along the way potentially concealing an audio visual surprise – it’s up to you to walk, wander and discover.

The Soundscapes Landscapes app uses eleven layers of sound, image and video amounting to an impressive twenty six points of activity. The content was created by Medea Electronique, a company comprising of a wide range of artistic individuals with skills in music, video, design and robotics to name a few.

Soundscapes Landscapes App Screenshots mocked up on 4 black iPhones
Soundscapes Landscapes User Interface screenshots

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