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Executive Summary

Deciding that a mobile app was an accesible way of reaching young people in the community, AAB Housing Association in Norrebro, Denmark made the Jeg Er Norrebro (I am Norrebro) app. This was in response to an increasingly anti-social and segregated community. With the inhabitants having to work together to make the stories that feature on the app, Jeg Er Norrebro acted as a catalyst for real social change. Along with a programme of other activities, the Jeg Er Norrebro app provided the people with a platform and gave them a voice. The result was a much more cohesive neighborhood with less crime and more community.



In 2010 there was $2M worth of vandalism committed in the main yard of Norrebro. Parents were afraid to send their children outside and crimes were not reported to authorities through fear. Working towards change, AAB Housing Association began strengthening the resident community and one of the tools to help do this was the audio walk app.

We have been delighted working with Calvium. From start to finish we have felt safe knowing that we collaborated with professional people eager to have our project succeed. The communication has been top notch despite the distance between Copenhagen and Bristol. I truly recommend working with Calvium.

Rebecca Bannor-Addae, AAB Housing Association

How Calvium Helped

Our straight forward and helpful approach to working with our clients made it easy for Rebecca Bannor-Addae, Project Manager of Jeg Er Norrebro, to pull content together on the app without any previous technical knowledge. This meant that she had peace of mind and could spend less time worrying about the tech and more time working with the community to create the all important stories.

Results and Return on Investment

The app provided residents with a platform to let their voices be heard. In addition to this, by working on the production of the apps content together, community members got to know each other and stronger bonds of neighborhood were formed.Much of the content production also allowed them to build new skills and find new talents. For example, a group of teenage girls from Norrebro decided to write and perform a song to feature on the app and have been writing and performing together  ever since.  This is just one example of the many success stories as a direct result of the Jeg Er Norrebro app.

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