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Executive Summary

Bristol 24/7 brings you the best of Bristol – online, mobile and in their free magazine. They are your first port-of-call to find out what’s happening across Bristol, with news, features, what’s on listings and everything else in-between.

Recognising the need for a new print based publication in Bristol after the demise of Venue Magazine; Bristol 24/7 merged with Bristol Culture and produced just that. Complimentary to the magazine, the newly formed team also wanted all the content available in the magazine, to be accessible to all via a mobile and tablet app. They hired Calvium because we are a local, Bristol based company with a fantastic reputation in the city. The app has been a resounding success and in less than four months received over 4,000 iOS downloads and achieved a 4.5 star app store rating.

4 screenshots of the Bristol 247 app mocked up on 4 black iPhones
Bristol 24/7 App Screenshots


More and more of the traffic to Bristol24/7 website was coming from people using phones and tablets, to the extent that Bristol 24/7 expected the majority of their traffic to be mobile within the next year. This was proof that the people consuming their content needed it to presented to them mobile friendly. Bristol 24/7’s aim was to be ‘go to’ place in Bristol for news, culture and event information. They also wanted to deliver individual special offers, promotions and geo-located information and services to their readers.

An app was going to be crucial to everything Bristol24/7 was to be in the future.

Chris Brown, Bristol 24/7

How Calvium Helped

Bristol 24/7 champions and encompasses all things Bristol, therefore hiring a local app development company was very important to them. Not only did they want a local company, they wanted the best.

We chose Calvium because of their reputation and their Bristol base. We wanted to get people in who really understood what they were doing, and were very keen to bring the best Bristol companies on board.

Chris Brown, Bristol 24/7

Results & ROI

The benefits in having the app as well as the publication are numerous, but most importantly it allowed readership to expand and ensure the great content of the paper is never more than an arms length away.

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