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Soundwalks project, led by Professor Pedro Rebelo and co-ordinated by Dr. Sarah Bass (Sonic Arts Research Centre) in collaboration with Belfast City Council (BCC), aims to use sonic art to engage the public through the development of a locative mobile phone app. Targeting both tourists and citizens of the city, this project aims to sonically enhance the experience of a number of areas of the city, including destinations that may not traditionally be accessed as attractions by visitors and/or disregarded or undervalued by local residents.  The project will bring together a number of sonic artists/composers who will create approximately ten soundwalks around the city, while liaising with BCC to distribute the resulting app to the public in line with their tourism and cultural strategy.


Utilising Calvium’s AppTrail service, the app uses GPS to track your location within the city and trigger site-specific sounds to provide unique listening experiences. You will hear a range of sounds including voice, natural environments and abstract imagined sound worlds.

Use the app to experience areas of the city you are already familiar with in a new and alternative way, or visit an unknown place and discover a hidden sonic world that reveals something of the area’s environment, history or culture.

Walk through the city and immerse yourself in Belfast’s sounds and places.

The Belfast Soundwalks project aimed at exploring multiple approaches to the relationship between sound and place in the context of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Cultural Engagement partnership with the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) at Queen’s University Belfast and the Belfast City Council. After some initial research it become clear that Calvium had both the technological know-how and the conceptual understanding necessary to partner with the project. We were able to work together to develop a custom designed umbrella app to encompass different strategies for dealing with smartphone sensor data and its relationship with composed soundscapes addressing relationships with place and community.

Pedro Rebelo, Queen’s University Belfast

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