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Alumni: Kieron Gurner

Alumni: Kieron Gurner

UX & Design Lead


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This summer we’ve welcomed some vibrant new team members to Calvium HQ: working in project management, visual design and technical research.

Emilio Crespi

Emilio joins us as a Junior Project Manager – ensuring clear communication, delivery and direction of projects. Emilio recently relocated from Bournemouth to Bristol, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge about film and video production which we’re already putting to good use!

Saliha Ahmed

Saliha is our new Junior Designer. Her visual design experience spans packaging and print as well as digital projects. Saliha’s a self-starter who loves to learn new techniques, tools and processes that push the boundaries of her existing knowledge – including exploring how augmented reality can mix digital experiences with packaging design.


Summer Intern

Awn Umar

As our Computer Science intern (working with us for ten weeks), Awn will be supporting research and technical investigations on our NavSta project. Studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Bristol University, with specific interest in data security, Awn’s been conducting feasibility research that’s feeding directly into the NavSta system architecture and creating prototypes to better understand the proposed solutions. You can find out more about Awn’s personal projects on his blog.


It’s great to have Awn, Saliha and Emilio aboard!

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