How We Work

It is our belief that in order for a project to have impact, it is essential that it is driven by genuine insight about its target audience. Furthermore the co-creation of the app with the people its being developed by and for, can ensure a genuinely intuitive and engaging product that meets the specific needs of its audience.

We have a proven track record of working in close partnership with app originators and innovative ideas. Our research background at Hewlett Packard means that we are familiar with the process of creative problem solving, rapid prototyping and user testing. We believe that this hands-on way of involving end users in the process is the right approach to understanding the problems and inspiring creative solutions.

But don’t take our word for it…

Working with Calvium to create the UCAN go app has been a pleasure. Their ability to work with partners and collaborators has resulted in a wonderful working relationship in which both parties have learnt huge amounts..

Jane Latham, UCAN Productions

Working with the friendly and approachable Calvium was a great experience, it felt like real team work.

Marcus Romer, Cycle of Songs