White Paper: Digital Placemaking for Urban Development


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Jo Morrison

Jo Morrison

Director of Digital Innovation & Research

Digital Placemaking

“The quality of spaces between buildings is now as important to us as the quality of the buildings themselves.”

City of London Corporation, 2015

Well-considered, attractive and useful public spaces can increase investment, property values, revenue, livelihood opportunities and much more. But how can developers and local authorities make the spaces between buildings work better?

One way is to harness the power of digital placemaking: the augmentation of physical places with location-specific digital services, products or experiences to create more attractive destinations for all. Digital placemaking is key to urban innovation. The practice can be used to deliver social and economic value at each stage of the development cycle; from planning and design to construction and management.

Our white paper – Digital Placemaking for Urban Development – offers essential reading and practical tips for built environment professionals involved in any stage in the lifecycle of a large-scale urban development project.

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