Tom Melamed: So Long and thanks for all the apps

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A personal message from Tom Melamed, Client Services Director:

After nine glorious years as one of Calvium’s founders and directors, making apps and services and growing a fabulous team it’s time for me to say goodbye. I’m turning in my key to the gold-plated executive bathroom and stepping back from my current role at Calvium. I’ll be staying on as a non-executive director, shareholder, and cheerleader. However, I will no longer be involved with projects or clients. It’s not been an easy decision to make and I’ll miss the wonderful people I’ve had the joy of working with every day.

When we started Calvium we had grand plans of taking over the world with a DIY app building platform called AppFurnace. At that point, I was primarily a developer, writing server software that is still running today over 8 years later. However people didn’t want to make their own apps, they wanted a trusted expert to do it for them and we happily obliged. As Calvium evolved from toolmaker to app developers my role changed and I started writing apps. As we grew and took on more clients I discovered new skills in talking to customers and managing developers, which proved very valuable. This left less and less time for writing software. Eventually, I hung up my programming keyboard and focused on working with customers as an account manager and consultant. In this role, I’ve brought in and managed some of Calvium’s largest customers.

Throughout this time Calvium has continued to grow and thrive. We are now 15 people strong, working with huge clients and producing the best work we ever have. We’ve also matured with new levels of quality baked into our process and structure. As a demonstration of this, I recently led the effort to get Calvium ISO certified for both quality (ISO:9001) and information security (ISO:27001). I’m extremely proud of the company we’ve built together and equally proud that we are now bigger than any one personality, even us founders.

As Calvium grows, each new milestone is a chance to reflect and think about the next chapter, both for myself and for Calvium. What is best for Calvium is that everyone here cares about their job and loves to do it, this passion is especially important for senior roles. My passion is now in other challenges and new projects outside of Calvium. I’m pleased to say that we have found a new person with the fire to improve our client services yet further, and they will be starting in mid-September.

As for me, I’m going to be combining a Masters Degree in Data Science at Bath University with some freelancing, for the next year. It’s a return to making things and solving problems. I’m looking forward to combining my software, maths, communications, management and problem-solving skills into the next chapter of my career. If you want to keep in touch you can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I will miss the people, the customers and the culture we have created, but I know Calvium is in great hands and look forward to seeing Calvium continue to grow and thrive.