Executive Summary

The UCAN GO app is an indoor way-finding app designed for and by visually impaired people. The year long Arts Council funded R&D project saw UCAN Productions, an award winning performance and creative arts co-operative for blind and partially sighted young people, and Calvium join forces in order to develop something that solves a real issue.



The young people at UCAN Productions wanted to feel as confident accessing theatres as they did whilst performing in them. Anyone can feel uncertain of finding their way around when visiting unfamiliar places, but for those who are visually impaired this feeling is increased substantially. UCAN wanted a solution that could equip the visually impaired community with confidence, independence and a sense of freedom. This meant the app needed to be user friendly, intuitive and inclusive.

Find out more about the vision for UCAN Go in the video below…

UCAN GO MASTER SAESNEG from UCAN Productions on Vimeo.

How Calvium Helped

After being selected as Technology partners for the project, we made it clear that in order for the app to be a success we needed to build it with UCAN and it’s members, not just for them. It would take the knowledge and expertise from both organisations in order to make something that really works. We therefore set up regular meetings and worked iteratively, constantly testing, refining and developing until each element was there.

Calvium became a part of the UCAN family almost overnight. From day one we became a team who shared the same vision and we all desperately wanted to make it work. Calvium’s willingness to listen to both Megan and I and other users has played a huge part in the success of the app. A user lead project will only work if the users opinions are acknowledged and valued and this is exactly what Calvium have done..

Mared, UCAN Productions member and project leader

Results & ROI

UCAN GO equips its users with the confidence to access buildings alone. Feedback from the app taken both in person and posted online via the app store has been unanimously positive. We’re thrilled to have been part of the creation of a digital tool that is having such real world impact.


UCAN Productions and Calvium have now partnered to create UCAN GO into a service that can be adapted to any building. Since the first building (the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff) we have since worked with and mapped; The Torch Theatre in Milford Haven, Hackney Empire Theatre, London and are soon to be working with Central Library Cardiff in order to make their building more accessible.

If you’re interested in installing UCAN GO in your building and improving your accessibility offering, please get in touch.