Lost in Tooting was the product of a sprint workshop with the Secret Garden Project, as a way to get local residents around Tooting Common more engaged with the space.

Using the one-day sprint process it was possible to turn ideas into reality, in a short time frame and involve young people in app development skills. Here’s how the process worked to make the “Lost in Tooting” app:

  • In a one-day “sprint,” Calvium got together with Jacques Nimki, Bethan Johnson from UP Projects and some of GOCKS (Guardians of Common Knowledge) – a group of young people who had been working with Nimki to record the stories and experiences of visitors to the Common, as well as learning more about Tooting Common’s natural and social heritage.
  • We started by reviewing the stories and materials that had already been gathered over the Summer, including a space themed printed map which became the inspiration for the app name and the main character “Toot”.
  • Then we worked on ideas for making a fun app for children, targeting an audience of young children visiting with their parents, with the goal to get them to explore the Common, beyond just the play area. The GOCKS came up with the idea of a scavenger hunt where you help “Toot” defend the common.
  • Once the outline of the app was agreed, we got down to designing the game and allocating tasks. Calvium demonstrated design concepts using AppFurnace, whilst the team decided the locations that the stories and puzzles should take place.
  • By the end of the day we had a game design, functional specification and an allocation of tasks that everyone had to complete within two weeks.

The app was part of a wider Common Knowledge art project by UP Projects and artist Jacques Nimki.

The workshop and subsequent support was invaluable. It allowed us to design an app with easy, which focused upon the content rather than our individual technical skills.

Bethan Johnson, Project Assistant for UpProjects