Calvium delivers the Sidekick mobile app for the Open Bionics Hero Arm



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Sidekick Mobile App

Open Bionics have developed the Hero Arm, an advanced prosthetic for both adults and children. It is lightweight, intuitive to use and robust. But every hero needs a sidekick, and that’s where Calvium stepped in.

Every Hero Arm is 3D printed specifically for each individual to allow for maximum comfort when wearing the arm. Special sensors within the Hero Arm detect muscle movements, meaning you can control it with intuitive life-like precision. Also, haptic vibrations, beepers, buttons and lights provide you with intuitive notifications to help you control the arm’s movements.

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Calvium worked with Open Bionics to create Sidekick – an app to ensure Hero Arm users could easily adopt and get the most out of their new bionic arm. Three years in development, the new Sidekick app is packed with training videos, how-to guides, real-time tracking, and personalization features.

Open Bionics have partnered with Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and more to offer a range of Hero Arm covers inspired by some of the most popular characters, so the user can customise their arm however they choose.

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App Features

Using the Sidekick app you can record and share how your muscles interact with the Hero Arm sensors, giving the user confidence about the adoption progress.
Data flows back and forth in real time between the app and the Hero Arm enabling the app to provide real-time feedback to the user as they learn to use the arm. This is done through interactive challenges to test grip strength and response rates.

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The app also allows you to adjust Hero Arm LED brightness, beeper volume, vibration power and check battery status all from your phone.

The Hero Arm is now available through prosthetics clinics in the USA, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Belgium and Russia for below-elbow amputee adults and children aged 8 and above.

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