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MGBM Development GmbH came to Calvium with an idea for a dynamic asset tracking system for regulation-focussed sectors, which could be used by small or large enterprises. The result is reyda: an enhanced asset management tool, enabling the tracking, locating and tracing of components. In addition to real-time monitoring of stock levels and locations, it aids regulation compliance through supporting attachment of additional specifications and documentation to individual assets. 

The cloud-based platform enables full asset lifecycle tracking, from asset configuration, purchasing and warehouse management, through production, to aftermarket sales and services. This life-long component traceability supports adherence to compliance and statutory requirements.

reyda’s flexibility means it can be integrated into existing systems to streamline processes. The app is available to all common end devices, such as smartphones, for use across sites and fast familiarisation by users.

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The challenge came from the aerospace sector, where regulation demands strict traceability and complex specifications, on top of the standard asset tracking of parts through sales to stock levels and delivery to customers. Many of the existing asset tracking solutions are built for large scale operations, and not appropriate for the many SMEs working in the sector. Some suppliers still rely on time-consuming spreadsheets to manage their tracking and production, and miss the benefits available to larger competitors. 

MGBM saw an opportunity to provide a holistic asset management solution. It needed to be robust for the most stringent regulation, agile to integrate with diverse existing systems, and comprehensive to manage assets from initial component purchase to product delivery to the customer, with all associated certification.

It also needed to be scaleable, to provide SMEs with the powerful asset management capability previously available to large enterprises, and able to grow alongside the business as new markets become available.

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Delivering innovation

In addition to a flexible, efficient asset tracking system, the project team delivered four innovative key features that make reyda stand out from other asset tracking systems:                                                                        .

  • Item-specific certification, configuration and specifications:
    reyda has the ability to detail specifications per product type, vital in an environment where there are a large amount of non-transferable parts. In addition, if a part needs to have documentation such as a service history or logged checks, these can be documented. This added certification supports adherence by both supplier and customer to sector regulations. For example, if a particular part comes back to the supplier to be serviced, it would have full service history and documentation attached.
  • Integration with existing systems and applications:
    reyda has been built with security and flexibility at its core, allowing smooth system integration into current processes, and adjustable to future business changes. 
  • Production support:
    Using the intuitive stock monitoring feature, users can check how many complete assets could be produced using available on-site components.
  • Cross platform:
    The reyda app operates across devices – desktop, laptop, tablet, iOS or Android smartphone – which supports the ease of adoption by staff and integration into existing systems.

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The reyda system enables users to enjoy the benefits of large-scale tracking tools, at a level that suits them. Improved traceability means less loss, downtime and underutilised assets. The fast, comprehensive query system enables faster responses to customers, for example advising what components are on site, how many products can be produced and when the customer can expect delivery. This also aids management of the sales pipeline, delivering fast and accurate lead times on components, enabling an SME to fulfil more orders.

Improved purchase-to-delivery tracking enables efficiencies in resource management and transport, reducing cost and carbon footprints. The enhanced audit trail capability for components, supports growing suppliers to access more compliance and regulation-oriented sectors and clients.

As a versatile asset tracking tool, reyda’s functionality has already delivered  benefits to the aerospace sector, but is adaptable to any asset-reliant sector – from furniture makers to global logistics management.


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