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Executive Summary

‘enquos’ is a complete set of connected tools that take the guesswork out of better living. enquos goes beyond food and water logging by providing over 6,000 nutritionally analysed recipes, a meal planner, and comprehensive food database. In addition to this there are over 20 different dietitian designed meal plans covering numerous dietary preferences from gluten-free to paleo to vegetarian.

Part of the enquos package is the Nutrition Tracker Mobile App, which allows users to quickly and easily log their nutrition intake while on the move. Even when the user has no internet connectivity, they can log their food and it will sync when they have an internet/data source later on.

Calvium worked closely with the Californian-based fitness company to design and build the ‘Enquos Nutrition Tracker’ app.


Before working with Calvium, enquos had made a previous attempt to build the Nutrition Tracker App using an offshore development team. Due to a combination of factors, including miscommunication and a couple of big technical hitches, the project wasn’t completed meaning enquos was left with a half finished app that they weren’t at all happy with.

As a familiar face in Bristol’s Tech scene, Matt Hamilton, head of UK Operations for enquos, had been aware of Calvium for a number of years and after attending our open day as part of Bristol Media’s Open Doors event in 2015, he decided to reach out to us to help him fix the enquos app.

Coming to the Calvium office was really the deciding factor for me. I already knew Calvium did great work - but after getting a feel for the people and the place, I knew we could work well together.

Matt Hamilton, Head of UK Operations, enquos

How Calvium Helped

Being technically skilled himself, Matt had built a rough version of a feature within the app he was hoping to create. He then brought this to Calvium hoping that we could build it properly…

We were able to build that prototype in just two days. Matt used this prototype to demonstrate feasibility to senior staff members at enquos that ultimately got the project funding signed off and underway. From this point onwards we worked closely and continuously with Matt and his team of developers to create the new app and to ensure enquos Nutrition was a success.

I’m sure we differ from Calvium’s usual clients in that we do have some technical capabilities, but not necessarily in the field of mobile development but we very much wanted to remain part of the build. So we hired a team of developers who would specifically work for Enquos, but alongside Calvium. Therefore we needed somebody who we could trust to say ‘this is how we can achieve this’ as well as someone who could work well with others.

Matt Hamilton, Head of UK Operations, enquos

At Calvium, we champion co-creation. We believe that true collaboration is born out of a mutual desire to see a project succeed and this was very much the case with enquos. By taking the time to really understand our partners, we avoided the tricky issues that others report when collaborating this closely.

I’ll never forget the first meeting we all had as a team around Calvium’s conference table. It was just brilliant! At all points during this process I’ve felt that Calvium has been part of our team, there’s been no distinction as to whether people worked for Calvium or Enquos. They’ve just fitted in both technically and personally.

Matt Hamilton, Head of UK Operations, enquos

Results & ROI

The enquos Nutrition app went live in September 2015 and got a fantastic response from users. Members of the enquos package have commented that the addition of the nutrition app has made their lives much easier. The health conscious are now able to log food on the go, which as well as ensuring accuracy (no more forgetting that you’ve eaten an apple by the time you’ve sat down in front of a computer to log your food) makes the entire experience much more enjoyable. 

3 white iphone screens show mock ups of the app user interface - showing the food logged and charts and data that a user would see
enquos Total Health App – User Interface

After the app launch, Matt noticed a shift in the development of other aspects of the company. “What’s funny is that it’s now the case, that what we’re doing on the mobile platform is influencing what we’re doing on the web – rather than the other way round.”   

Following the feedback received about the clear design and user experience of the app, enquos began taking designs, cues and processing that’s being used on the mobile platform and using it on the web.

Future Plans

Calvium embraced a project that had caused endless stress, headaches and sleepless nights for Matt and the Enquos team and worked with them to move the project forward to a point where it was a popular app on App Stores. 

Download enquos Total Health

We’re absolutely thrilled with the app and we certainly wouldn’t be here without Calvium. Even now that they have finished working on the project they’re still clearly passionate about it. When I see Calvium’s developers at networking events they’re always asking after Enquos and keen to know how we’re getting on. There’s a definite feeling of care, which is just lovely. I would absolutely recommend Calvium to others.

Matt Hamilton, Head of UK Operations, enquos

Calvium always strive to work collaboratively with clients and really understand their project. If you’d like to discuss working with us in further detail, please do get in touch.

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