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Delivering courses to 50,000 users in 100 countries, UK-based Cabling Science are specialists in the provision of training and e-learning services to the communications infrastructure community. Cabling Science’s established outsource partnership with critical network infrastructure experts, CommScope Inc, has dramatically extended CommScope’s global training presence in solution, design and installation practices.

In the highly competitive infrastructure training market, innovation is key. As such, Calvium has worked with Cabling Science to design and deliver a unique mobile digital service that provides CommScope’s infrastructure engineering students with valuable in-field installation support, in 17 different languages.

The CommScope Infrastructure Academy App provides students with the digital resources and information they need, direct to their mobile devices, wherever they are working – online or offline. It also provides Cabling Science’s customers with a valuable solution that ensures that CommScope sustains competitive advantage and student satisfaction.

Multiple benefits of the mobile app

The initial goal for the Commscope Infrastructure Academy App was to develop a reference tool for course graduates to use when working in the field. The tool contains a range of resource materials which are delivered as text, images, PDFs, videos and 3D animations. In this way, whether online or offline, the engineer can easily refer to relevant information whenever and wherever they need, e.g. when installing fibre access terminals in newly constructed developments.

We see an engineer working in the field, with some sort of engineering/technical object by the side of the road. He is pointing to it and has tattoos on his arms.
An engineer working in the field

Having determined that a bespoke digital service that was accessible on each student’s mobile phone, or tablet, was of key strategic advantage, Cabling Science identified further benefits that the mobile app could bring to their business. 

We quickly realised that a mobile app solution provided the potential to solve a number of other challenges, for example it provides direct engagement to the Infrastructure Academy for students who only attend classroom training. This is significant as, apart from these students, all others engage regularly with the Academy through the online courses.

Stuart Smith, Director of Cabling Science

Introducing a digital service on a ubiquitous mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, immediately opens new channels of digital communication between the engineering students and the Infrastructure Academy. For instance, the inclusion of push notifications as a feature within the app allows for quick, easy and effective updates, such as results of completed training courses. The app also allows for past notifications to be accessed and read in longer format, allowing the Academy to provide more detailed information about the updates.

Having an ongoing relationship with the students and alumni is important to Cabling Science. Not only does it cement the understanding of the students who have undertaken training and aids their work in the field, the app also allows Cabling Science to keep the student community abreast of future training programmes and opportunities.

With students now connected via the CommScope Infrastructure Academy App, Cabling Science has also moved student certification online – allowing ID badges and certificates to be displayed and controlled securely in real-time, direct to the students.

Having a digital ID badge that displays a student’s current engineering qualifications on their phones makes the process of entering a site much easier, as the site managers can quickly see that the student has the correct up-to-date qualifications.


Screenshots of the app on a white iPhone 5. We see 4 screens that show text and graphics showing how a engineer inputs data
Screens from the CommScope Infrastructure Academy App

What’s more, this feature benefits the environment as the physical production of paper based identification and certification is no longer needed, the mobile app offering a more eco-friendly and sustainable solution.

The badge and certificate function, in itself, results in a large resource, cost and carbon footprint saving for the business, as traditionally certificates and ID badges were produced and printed at Cabling Science’s headquarters and posted globally.

Stuart Smith, Director of Cabling Science

A further feature of the App is the discussion board which allows students to contact one another as well as their trainers, thus providing yet another channel of communication and support.

Gaining the edge in a highly competitive market

Taking advantage of the technology inherent within a smartphone is already providing benefits to Cabling Science and to the CommScope learning community.

From its inception the App was designed to allow new features and advances to be developed in the future, informed by the experience of the engineers in the field. In this way, Cabling Science is ensuring that its strategic decision to harness the power of mobile app technology will provide sustained benefits for its customer, CommScope, and for the expanding global student community. As Stuart says, “We see the app as a first stage in ‘in-field support’.  We are already planning to expand the knowledge base and functionality to support infrastructure designers as well as infrastructure engineers.”

With our background in technology enhanced learning and a passion for supporting clients to strengthen their businesses through innovative mobile solutions, Calvium’s collaboration with Cabling Science has been a great experience. We are delighted that the App will provide a faster and more efficient service, while enhancing the experience of the Infrastructure Academy students.

The Infrastructure Academy App is unique in our training community and industry vertical, and provides our customer, CommScope, a further edge in what is a very competitive market.

Stuart Smith, Director, Cabling Science

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