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Towns and cities across Europe and the UK have already embraced the opportunities delivered by the Place Experience Platform.

Salisbury: supporting the city’s
economic recovery

Screenshot of the Salisbury trail app, showing the key features: Location-aware content, sites of interest, themed routes, accessible interface, bespoke branding

In 2018, a father and daughter were found on a park bench in the centre of Salisbury having been poisoned by a deadly nerve agent, Novichok. The social and economic impact was significant in the short-term and unless a recovery strategy was devised and implemented the city knew that it would face severe long-term consequences. Salisbury Trails is part of the city’s recovery strategy.

Salisbury Trails is built on the Place Experience Platform. It enables visitors to move around Salisbury’s historic streets and discover the city’s hidden histories. The App provides self-guided themed trails that are perfect for those on a sight-seeing mission or a curious wander. It encourages visitors to uncover the city’s unique heritage and points of interest, whether off the beaten track, exploring hidden gems or following some fantastic routes for shopping, eating and drinking in the city centre.

“The Salisbury Trails App gives our place managers the freedom and flexibility to deliver new visitor trails in response to any situation or opportunity we encounter.”

Terry Bracher, Wiltshire Council

Hidden Cities: revealing the heritage of Valencia, Exeter, Hamburg, Deventer and Trento

Screenshot of the Hidden Cities app, showing the key features: Location-aware content, sites of interest, themed routes, accessible interface, bespoke branding, multiple languages, custom maps.

The Hidden Cities suite of apps enables university students and staff to create meaningful ways for people to experience a city, using their everyday digital devices.

Hidden Cities is available in multiple European languages and when downloaded, the app detects and opens in the default language of the user’s phone. Fictional characters will then lead each user from one location to another within each city, via the app’s location-aware content. When a user arrives at each location, the app triggers the audio and site-specific content to display on the device, relaying each location’s narrative in the user’s language of choice.

The Place Experience Platform has enabled five European cities to reveal their heritage through the insights of the academic community; bringing understanding usually concealed in academic journals to public spaces, and in so doing, sharing those stories for the benefit of everyone.

“The new Hidden Cities suite of apps is beautifully designed by Calvium - in particular the ability to use ancient maps to navigate your way around a place.”

Professor Fabrizio Nevola, University of Exeter

Calvium are winners in the UK App Awards 2020! Hidden Florence 3D took home the trophy for Best Use of AR/VR in an App.

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