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The Place Experience Platform in a managed service by Calvium.

Place Experience App

Visitors want to enjoy your destination.

Welcome them, entertain them, show them round!


The following features can be harnessed to provide an outstanding visitor product that delivers on your place strategy:

Location aware content

As a visitor walks along a themed route, audio stories about the place play in the app. The nearest sites of interest are displayed in a personalised feed.

Sites of interest

Text, images and audio provide rich storytelling that brings each location to life. Site-specific content, such as opening times and visitor information, ensures that up-to-date information is at hand.

Themed routes

Crafted trails tell the stories of a destination and take visitors to the types of places they desire. Heritage, Healthy Places, Accessible Trails… there’s no limit to the ways that a place can reveal itself.


Show visitors nearby upcoming events they can book and let the app notify them when it is about to start.


Solve or complete activities at a series of locations and be rewarded with a badge!

Multiple places

If your organisation is responsible for a number of different towns, campuses or attractions, our multi-place package can scale to suit your needs.

Multiple languages

Visitors can feel even more at home by experiencing your destination in their preferred language.

Accessible Interface

Designed to Accessibility WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines, an international standard that enables as many people as possible to enjoy your visitor experience product.

Bespoke branding

The visual identity matches your brand’s unique look & feel.

Custom maps

As well as using Google maps in the App to navigate, visitors can use a bespoke map design to set the tone for exploration – from historic to surreal designs

Social sharing

Visitors can share their experience with their friends through social media channels.

Offline persistence

Visitors can explore the place when not physically there – even at home with their feet-up!


Track usage of each feature to find out what content and places your visitors really love.

iOS and Android app

Optimised for mobile performance, the App will work across 99% of smartphones worldwide.

Place Management System

Take Control

Create, manage and deliver unique experiences using an intuitive system. 

Gain your independence!


The following features allow you to be in control of the visitor experience, safe in the knowledge that the content management system is robust, reliable and secure.


Tell stories about your place and provide information using text, audio and images.

Geo-located routes

Guide visitors around your town by creating themed routes for them to savour.

Multiple user accounts

Multiple user logins allow teams of volunteers, marketing and BID’s to contribute their own content simultaneously.

Permission modes

Editor and Contributor permission states allow different levels of content control, quality assurance and workflow management.


Moderation is supported by division of Editor and Contributor permissions.

Review capability

Request other users to review new content.

Secure preview mode

New content can be viewed immediately in a test environment before publishing to the live app.

Rapid publishing

New content published at speed – live to your app within 2 hours.

Accessible interface

Designed to Accessibility WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines, an international standard that enables as many people as possible to enjoy your visitor experience product.


Utilises cloud computing to build and run this scalable system.

Enterprise-level security

Benefit from security in the cloud.

Extensible and adaptable to its core

You are served by an intuitive system that provides agility, flexibility and real-time responsiveness. It’s been designed to empower place managers and drive their digital placemaking strategies.

Build a roadmap for your Place Experience Platform and ensure that it evolves with your business needs. As a managed service, Calvium will be with you every step of the way.

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