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Alumni: Louise Hobson

Alumni: Louise Hobson

Project Manager

Digital Placemaking

Digital Insights


On Tuesday (19th Sept) we hosted the very first Ideascape in Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay – a showcase of how digital placemaking can influence and enhance major urban regeneration projects. In collaboration with sustainable developers Igloo, we presented a range of ideas that inspired people to think about new ways in which digital technologies can be used for social, cultural and economic prosperity in the area.

Here are a few of the highlights from the evening.

The app trail: Part of the evening was a geolocated heritage trail, telling the stories of the place from the point of view of people who lived and worked in the Lock Keeper’s Cottage decades ago.

No ordinary buoy: This was our ‘digital town crier’, a buoy that spoke to passers-by, offering discounts and offers for local businesses.


Past and present: These binoculars were armed with augmented reality lenses which melded a vision of the past, present and future with the existing surroundings.

Teleconfusion: Aiming to connect communities on both sides of the barrage, this simple idea gives people the chance to connect with strangers in a playful way.

Physical and digital archive: It may look like a smelly boot, but these items all told a story. Scan the QR code and the app presents relevant digitised archival film, audio and photographs.

All about ideas: Ideascape wasn’t just a showcase of technology, it was a chance for others to share their thoughts on placemaking too.

Mapped out: Checking out the elements that bring the Ideascape project together.

Book this space: Calvium MD Jo Reid mans the ‘Book this space stand’, an idea to make it easier for local residents to use publically owned spaces for projects and events.

Sharing thoughts: The evening was all about ideas and how we can better connect with our surroundings.

Comment of the year: ‘I like the future a lot’. Us too!

A huge thanks to all that attended Ideascape and provided much insight, conversation and food for thought. 

Photography: Paul Blakemore.

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