E-Book: How AR, apps and digital placemaking are driving innovation for heritage sites


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Jo Reid

Jo Reid

Chief Executive Officer

Digital Placemaking

Arts & Culture

Digital Insights

Mobile Technology

There’s no denying that apps are a powerful engagement tool for sites of heritage. Made well, an app can improve audience acquisition, enjoyment and loyalty. If you’re curious about how an app could help your heritage site, this ebook should be your first port of call.  In it we’ll…

  • Delve into the 11 key principles of placemaking – the art of turning locations into living, breathing, engaging places.
  • Then we’ll look at the technology itself, and how great placemaking utilises all the senses to create experiences; allowing visitors to see and hear a tangible layer of history around them.
  • We’ll help demystify AR, and help you decide whether a location-based placemaking experience is right for you.
  • And finally, we’ll look at a real-world case study to show you just what’s possible with a combination of creative thought, great design, and intelligent technology.
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