What is an Enterprise App?


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Alumni: Charlie Harman

Alumni: Charlie Harman

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Put simply an enterprise app is intended for people inside your company and not for the world at large. Both Google and Apple have recognised the need to support businesses who want to increase their productivity by making apps a strategic part of their internal operating procedures. They have therefore set up their own systems and procedures to make it easy for companies to securely manage and distribute mobile apps to their employees.

A mobile app for enterprise is typically used to help businesses with their internal administration and management processes. Often working simultaneously with a businesses pre-existing internal systems, an enterprise app often packages complex and in-depth information in a more user friendly and accessible way.

Organisations with an advanced mobile strategy are developing both consumer and enterprise apps to boost their business. For example; a clothing retail company may have a customer facing retail app where audiences can shop and view products. The same clothing company may have an internal app for it’s staff members to check their work schedules, refer to health & safety procedures and see internal communications.

Who needs an enterprise app?

banner_devices-peopleThe scope for an enterprise app is large. Many people think of the word ‘enterprise’ and imagine huge corporate organisations. Whilst it’s true that many large companies benefit from large and expensive enterprise apps, SME’s, Not For Profits and Individuals can benefit from enterprise apps just as much.

Whether you’re an international organisation moving your whole sales process from spreadsheet to mobile app, or a small digital agency simply rolling out brand guidelines as an app rather than a PDF, enterprise apps create many positive business changing possibilities, regardless of size.

Why have an enterprise app?

Enterprise apps generally take complicated systems and turn them into something that looks much more accessible and user friendly. Consequently some of the usual benefits and motivation for developing them is the huge saving in time, effort and cost, that these apps generally afford.

As previously mentioned, they can give a business a competitive edge. Apps allow beautiful presentation of information and real time updates. Imagine the difference between pitching with an up to date seamless, smooth flowing and branded application compared to sheets of printed spreadsheets or out of date PDF’s.

Another happy result of having an internal app is that employees can have the app on their own smart device. The availability of technology is now such that individuals are likely to have more advanced devices than the companies can provide them with. In addition to this, studies have shown that people prefer to use their own devices as they are more comfortable operating them. Comfort equals confidence which means employees working on their own devices work quicker, more efficiently and are generally more empowered workers. This trend, known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) means it’s ever more sensible for a company to have an internal app. If every employee has their own smartphone which is in their pocket at all times, that’s the place where vital information should be.

The amount of companies (of all sizes and across all sectors) that are adopting enterprise mobility, is in itself proof enough that apps work. The increased rate of adoption we have seen in the last five years indicates that we will see an even faster uptake of enterprise apps in the future. Now, they provide competitive edge but in only a few years time they will be a mandatory feature and those still working without them are guaranteed to be left behind. Mobility has the potential to impact business immediately. It’s accessible, understandable, and its impacts are easily visible.

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How can I get an enterprise app?

We have many exciting thoughts and ideas about how enterprise apps can help businesses of all sizes. If you’re interested in finding out more about enterprise apps and how we can help, please get in touch.

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