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Does my heritage app need AI?

Alumni: Charlie Harman,

Artificial Intelligence – AI to its friends – is big news in the app development world. Microsoft’s Windows 10 comes with Cortana, Apple devices have Siri, and Google’s new smartphone, the Pixel, is built around its new Assistant. The term ‘AI’ describes a whole spectrum of technologies – everything from…

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The Lost Palace: Making the magic work

Alumni: Charlie Harman,

If you’ve been to Whitehall recently, you might have spotted groups of people wandering around clutching strange objects and staring upwards with a smile on their face and an wondrous look to their eye. Whilst these people are not catching Pokemon like you first may have thought, they are experiencing…

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K.I.S.S: Why simple solutions work best for heritage apps

Jo Reid,

Heritage businesses are the perfect match for immersive apps, and we’ve worked with dozens of historic sites to create experiences that enhance visitors’ environments and change their perspective. Often, the organisations we work with believe they need to include the latest technological wizardry in their app to make a splash…

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