App-based training is now a viable alternative to a half day spent in seminars with flipcharts, PowerPoints and post-it notes.

App Insights Engineering

Workplace training is dead: long live app training

Jo Reid,

Traditional ‘talk-and-chalk’ workplace training is in trouble. Mandatory sessions with PowerPoint, flipcharts and feedback slips are perceived as boring box-ticking busywork. They fail to engage the trainees, they fail to develop skills by allowing trainees to practice them in real situations, and they often fail to directly address the concerns…

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Apps for engineering

Engineering Mobile Technology

How apps outpace traditional engineering IT systems

Jo Reid,

For engineering teams, finding simple solutions to complex problems is their bread and butter. All too often this requires long-winded procurement of expensive databases, only accessible using clunky, non-bespoke front-end software. Frustration follows. Meanwhile, apps are cost-effective, fast-developed technologies with clear, functional user interfaces, offering flexible front-ends to these complex…

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