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5 digital experiments that explore the future of the cultural heritage sector

Jo Morrison,

Fundamentally, the cultural heritage sector’s role is to tell stories. These stories could be historical, they could be artistic, they could be sociological, psychological, modern or ancient. Whatever the experience, the story is central. Up to now, these stories have been somewhat passive – an exhibition, or a tour with…

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What do apps look like in 2018?

Jo Morrison,

With a new year rapidly approaching, we’re once again starting to ruminate on the app developments that 2018 will bring. We love a good prediction – and in our humble opinion, we didn’t do badly with our Mystic Meg-style piece from the start of this year. As we predicted, 2017…

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Ideascape: In Pictures

Alumni: Louise Hobson,

On Tuesday (19th Sept) we hosted the very first Ideascape in Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay – a showcase of how digital placemaking can influence and enhance major urban regeneration projects. In collaboration with sustainable developers Igloo, we presented a range of ideas that inspired people to think about new ways…

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The Calvium view on augmented reality

Kieron Gurner,

New technologies like AR (augmented reality) are exciting for developers, businesses and users. But in the early stages of technological development, the mainstream benefits are not always apparent and uptake among the general population is often slow. It’s not until apps like Pokémon Go gain global recognition, that people sit…

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