Digital Placemaking

9 of the world’s most creative placemaking projects

Charlie Harman,

Almost half of the global population – that’s about 3.5 billion of us – live in cities. These cityscapes have grown organically, over hundreds of years. with little consideration for the wellbeing of those living in them. They’ve been designed for the quantity of dwellers, rather than the quality of…

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App Insights News

Team interview: 2017 app trends

Charlie Harman,

From Nostradamus to Biff’s copy of the Grays Sports Almanac in Back to the Future (II), humans have long been fascinated by predictions of the future. And while our crystal balls are no more effectual than Mystic Meg’s, when you work in an industry, you can certainly see trends on…

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App Insights Mobile Technology

2017: The end of apps?

Tom Melamed,

As we move into 2017, we’re faced with an uncomfortable truth: fewer people are downloading and using apps. 49% of users download no apps at all over any given three month period; of the remainder, 95% abandon their downloads within the same 90-day span. Retention – always a key performance…

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Heritage Mobile Technology

How to build a heritage app

Jo Reid,

Any discussion about developing a heritage app or placemaking experience has to start with the question, ‘why do we need one?’. It might sound like a simple question at first, but it can be difficult to answer. If the answer is ‘because every other heritage site has one,’ you might…

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