5 Things to Expect from WWDC 2015


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Alumni: Charlie Harman

Alumni: Charlie Harman

Marketing Manager


Last year Yosemite, Hand Off and Health Kit we’re the big stars of Apple’s annual developers conference. Then, at Apple’s yearly September Keynote it was confirmed that the rumours of the Apple Watch were true.

So, now 9 months on, what will Apple’s next Word Wide Developers Conference have in store? Here’s our top five guesses…


1) Apple Watch Apps

There will inevitably be a discussion about how Apple plans to improve the performance of third party apps on the Apple Watch. This means giving developers the tools needed to built native apps on the device and more access to the Watch’s hardware.

2) iOS 9

The latest update for iOS are probably going to be one of the core topics at WWDC15. Whilst we’re unlikely to be seeing radical changes a la iOS7, iOS9 will be concentrating on fixing old issues and improving useably under the hood.That’s not to say there’s no new features though. It looks like Maps will be getting an overhaul with transport information integration and iOS9 will bring with it a new font.

3) OS X 10.11

Much like the iOS9 update, the OS update will be focusing on improving core function rather than numerous new features. However, it is also likely to be adopting the new font and integrating the new map features.

beats4) Music Streaming Service

After buying Beats from Dr. Dre, Apple is likely to announce their new music streaming service rivalling Spotify etc.

5) Split screen apps

The ability to allow multiple apps to be simultaneously open on the screen is something that has been discussed/desired by developers for a while – and it looks like that might be happening.

But, alas, it would seem still no news on Apple TV …

To watch the WWDC15 as it happens, you can tune in here at 6pm (BST). Or follow our twitter where we’ll be tweeting live updates.


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