3 tips for making a great app


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Alumni: Kieron Gurner

Alumni: Kieron Gurner

UX & Design Lead

Digital Insights

Making a great app isn’t easy, so having a checklist of what works will help you head in the right direction. We think that great apps are made up of three key factors: they should be Relevant, Compelling and Timely.

Make it Relevant

Any app you release should always be relevant to your core business. No matter how popular your app becomes (stop thinking about Angry Birds), you won’t be making any real impact unless that app is relevant to your business goals.

Think: What are your customers already getting from you? Could you make this mobile?

Many app ideas have lost out because they get bogged-down in over complexity and lose sight of the fact that your app should have a clear purpose. No matter how innovative your app is, if it doesn’t answer your customer’s questions, your app won’t find the right audience.

Make it Compelling

Successful apps have a long life in your customer’s pockets. If you provide something useful, they’ll be using your app regularly, and seeing your brand every day.

Productivity apps are a great example of this. TeuxDeux provides you with mobile access to their to-do list service. When you’re on the move, it’s speed and simplicity make it a much better option than their mobile website.

Think: What activities are your customers doing regularly? Could you provide extra benefit for them?

Compelling means that people don’t just download your app and forget about it, but use it again and again – forming a lasting relationship with your brand and providing you with opportunities to promote yourself in the long run.

Make sure it’s Timely

When we talk about being timely, we’re really asking the question: is your app valuable to have in the moment, or on the go?

A mobile phone makes all sorts of tools available to you, from knowing your user’s location, having access to instant actions like a Camera and communication channels, but most importantly, being with your customer all the time. Around 69% smartphone users say they never leave their home without their phones, so make the most of that opportunity to engage with them.

Think: Do your customers interact with your brand on the go? How could you make the experience easier or more fun?

GPS Apps like Google Maps make the most of location tracking on their users phones, and make it easy to access directions wherever you are. There’s so much potential in using people’s location in different ways, and it makes sure that your app is timely.

Making sure your app ticks these three boxes will get you on the right path to creating an app that works for your customers. If you’d like help coming up with ideas that are all three of these, then why not consider an App Sprint Storm? Contact Jo Reid to find out a bit more

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