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Working closely with heritage, engineering and agency groups, we provide award-winning app development that drives customer engagement and boosts innovation in business.

We believe that co-creation is the right approach to understanding problems and inspiring creative solutions. All of our projects are a true collaboration between us and our clients…

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Three building blocks of AR: visual, locational and aural

Quibbles over whether or not Pokémon Go is really, truly augmented reality (AR) show no sign of going away. Whatever the truth, the amount of quibbling on the subject suggests widespread uncertainty over the meaning and difference between augmented, virtual and mixed reality. At Calvium, we’re not keen on uncertainty….

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App Insights

Digital placemaking: eleven key principles

Heritage is all about recreating the past of a place. To create a rich experience, organisations have to draw out the story of their site, tying it to the way their visitors explore and the things they see and do. It’s a matter of placemaking: the act of giving life…

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The road to Pokémon Go

It may be hard to believe, but Pokémon Go, the fastest selling smartphone game of all time, started out as a joke. In 2014, search giant Google – who are renowned for their April 1st tomfoolery – produced a spoof video entitled “Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge”. The video featured Pokémon…

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