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Digital Placemaking

Digital Placemaking with PopMap

Bristol is home to more than 460,000 people, a thriving culture and arts scene, and a city centre with an ever-evolving outdoor space. These public spaces are critical to cities as they can support the local economy, provide cultural opportunities, improve public health, and help the environment (along with many…

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Digital Insights

Háblame Bebé: Interview with Melissa Baralt

In 2016, Dr. Melissa Baralt, Associate Professor of Applied Psycholinguistics at Florida International University, competed in the US HRSA’s Bridging the Word Gap Challenge. Beating 100 other entries in the three-round competition, Melissa used her grant money to create Háblame Bebé—a language-learning app that aims to close the ‘word gap’…

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Mobile Technology

Immersive Tech in the UK’s Arts and Culture Sector

In the UK alone, virtual reality (VR) tech is predicted to reach £801 million by 2021. Worldwide, the entire immersive sector is expected to pull in $160 billion (£123 billion) by 2023, as more devices come online allowing more consumers than ever to easily access VR and augmented reality (AR)…

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