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Co-creation underpins our work; enabling us to understand all aspects of a project and deliver creative and scalable solutions. Calvium works in true collaboration with our clients.

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Explaining the ideas at Ideascape: Porth Teigr

Porth Teigr is located in the Roath Basin area of Cardiff Bay, which was once the heart of Cardiff Docklands – the world’s busiest port in the nineteenth century. Today, the area is being redeveloped to include 1,000 new homes, 1.2 million square feet of commercial space and exciting new…

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Ideascape: In Pictures

On Tuesday (19th Sept) we hosted the very first Ideascape in Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay – a showcase of how digital placemaking can influence and enhance major urban regeneration projects. In collaboration with sustainable developers Igloo, we presented a range of ideas that inspired people to think about new ways…

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App Insights

The Calvium view on augmented reality

New technologies like AR (augmented reality) are exciting for developers, businesses and users. But in the early stages of technological development, the mainstream benefits are not always apparent and uptake among the general population is often slow. It’s not until apps like Pokémon Go gain global recognition, that people sit…

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