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App Insights

Security in apps: How do we keep our data safe?

Earlier this month, Facebook reported a massive data breach that compromised the personal data of 14 million users; the breach has been traced back to a group of Facebook and Instagram spammers who were familiar with the company’s internal investigation and security policies. The incident is one of many recent…

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Calvium gains ISO Certification and Rolls-Royce Accreditation

We’re pleased to announce that Calvium has recently been awarded three certifications in recognition of our information security and quality management; ISO 27001 (System Security Management System), ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and Rolls-Royce Approved Supplier.  ISO 27001 is the only auditable international standard that defines the requirements of an information…

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Digital Placemaking Heritage

Democratisation and collaboration, opportunity and challenge: Technology’s role in the museum of tomorrow

How can digital technology be used to open up and foster collaboration within museum projects? That’s the question Museums+Tech 2018’s speakers sought to answer at this event, hosted by the Museum Computer Group at London’s National Gallery. The intersection of technology, heritage, collaboration and democratisation is where we spend a lot…

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App Insights

App predictions and app legacies: A Calvium history

While Calvium has been banging the drum for digital placemaking for the last few years, we’ve been studying the relationship between people, place and technology for much, much longer. Looking back at our earliest publications, it’s reassuring to see that we’ve always been talking about the connection between people, place…

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