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Developing an App for Multiple Languages

Today’s growing global market means businesses have to consider language as one of the key drivers to growth, especially if the organisation transacts and deals with people across borders who have their own native language. This adds another layer of challenge for technical developers to create an app that will…

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Digital Insights

Why Business Should Invest Now in Digital Solutions

To say that the world has seen an abrupt change due to the COVID-19 outbreak is a massive understatement. Organisations of all types and sizes have had to quickly pivot their business models to operate in a completely digital realm. Despite easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK, with no…

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Arts & Culture

22 amazing pieces of cultural content to inspire during lockdown

True to form, the arts and cultural heritage sector has risen to the challenge of making themselves, their collections and sites digitally available for people to experience during lockdown. It’s an extraordinary achievement and has been driven by ingenuity (e.g. Sadlers Wells), determination (e.g. Derby Museums)… plus code, kit and…

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