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App Insights

15 ways apps can improve employee engagement

Engaged workforces outperform their lower-engagement competitors by more than 200%—streaking ahead in terms of profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, employee attendance and workplace safety. It’s no wonder, then 2/5 of businesses say employee engagement is their number one challenge. Employees are 87% less likely to leave their role if highly engaged,…

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App Insights

About time: Can apps help you focus?

How can you make yourself 23% less likely to make errors at work? Simple: by putting your phone out of sight and out of reach. That’s what a Florida State University team found in their study on the effects digital devices have on our productivity and focus. Understanding that technology…

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App Insights

iSanta: Could app tech streamline Santa’s delivery process?

Even though he might now be in contravention of GDPR (article 4 of regulation 2016/679, in case you were curious), Father Christmas is an unmistakably analogue creation. With a wooden sleigh and flesh and blood reindeer held aloft by little more than a generous sprinkling of Christmas magic, he’s a…

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