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We provide award-winning app development for those looking to engage people with place. By combining the digital and physical worlds, we work with our clients to tell stories and create enchanting experiences.

We believe that co-creation is the right approach to understanding problems and inspiring creative solutions. All of our projects are a true collaboration between us and our clients…

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How to write an app brief

Any co-creational project starts with a brief. It’s the first detailed snapshot we (the developer) get of your needs, hopes and fears for your organisation’s app or experience, and it works as a springboard for further ideas and development. The more comprehensive the brief, the better the response will be…

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App Insights

A guide to 21st century placemaking

Contrary to its name, placemaking is not concerned with the making of a place. Rather, it’s about the expression and enhancement of places that are already rich in cultural, historical or personal significance – be it a world heritage site, community space, city underpass or national park. Whether the ‘place’…

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App Insights

Post-truth history – the ethics of heritage placemaking

The Oxford English Dictionaries both declared ‘post-truth’ as their Word of the Year for 2016. This term doesn’t mean that truth has ceased to exist – more that it has ceased to be relevant. In the ‘post-truth’ society where ‘alternative facts’ run rampant, what sounds true is more important than…

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